The Leclerc house, from Norman style, goes back to 1750. Built by Jean Leclerc, originating in Normandy, it was inhabited, during two centuries, by generations of Leclerc.

The plan external of the house is the same one since its erection. Its only door is located at south-west in order to avoid the winds of north, violent one in winter period.

Its roof is in chamfered shingles deposited on bark and is overhung of a decayed chimney. A fact is extremely interesting there to notice: its hauteur!Plus low that a conventional house, it was appropriate for our aïeux what tends to prove that they were of size lower than the average of today.

As at its beginnings, the tercentenary house includes/understands only one part where one finds there the collection of pieces of furniture and rustic objects of Mr Jacques Leclerc, owner and heir to the places.

The original hearth y throne; very deep, it is conceived same materials which the walls, is built lime stones. In the vicinity, a dresser is made trust with its bluish color due to a dyeing concoctée containing cornflowers (bilberries).

Hardly further, a gramophone, one of very first of Édison model, rests on an ancient piece of furniture which borders an English carosse beginning of the years 1900. At their sides, to lie a bed with with its foot a trunk of cedar, support to the extreme stones, which heated it formerly.

The most touching object is without any doubt the counterpart of the first church of St-Louis. By opening the small doors of the frontage, one can see easily there his interior:sur three lines of benches, of the characters carved and equipped with authentic clothing, the small confessional as well as jubé.

With the foot of the furnace bridge, a priest recites the mass surrounded by eight children of heart. Other objects failed there a such harmonium, a stove with two bridges, a table-chair, wheels manufactured on Isle, an old maple lullaby manufactured by the " Father " Mailloux and a clock whose mechanism is out of wood.

A little everywhere in the house, one sees suspended with the walls and the ceiling, of old chains, the shotguns the tables and the photographs. On the edge of the windows, old potteries and ballot boxes are.

A visit of this museum is essential to find a little our ancestors and their so typical way of life at times, not so long time, of the candlesticks. Unfortunately, the Leclerc house has not been any more to visit for 2 years. You can only see it outside.