With the team of the camp-site, a cordial environment and famiale awaits you there. Here what we propose to you with the Leclerc camp-site.

We offer 130 sites of 40 by 50 feet, paysagés, clean and close friends to you in an enchanting:

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Girls of the camp-site

  • 36 with hydrants, of electricity and sewer for roulottes.
  • 30 with electricity and hydrants.
  • 60 with hydrants only.
  • Free internet in the motel reception and also part of the site.

We also place at your disposal of the toilets and the wash-hand basins, of the showers with hot water, the hydrants individual and draining for roulottes, of the tables with picnic, the hearths distinct as well as catches from electricity from 15 to 30 amps. We offer to you the service of gathering of draining to the sites with each day.

Also available on the site, nine rooms of clean and comfortable motels with cable television and refrigerating.

That you in camp-site or are lodged in one of the motels, you are assured pleasure and relaxation with the sight on the river, the access at the edge of water and the cordial reception of a whole family.

To make your stay more comfortable, we have at your disposal a Community room, a break-down mechanic as well as a snack. We can sell to you ice, wood for fires of hearth and the fresh bread tous.les.jours. Moreover, you will find a grocer with licence of sale of alcohol to less than three kilometers and several inns in the vicinity.

Several activities are on the spot. Move, jump, amuse-you... chez us, there is for all the tastes and all the ages::

  • Set of irons
  • Game of bowls
  • Badminton
  • Sand square
  • Balançoires
  • Slides
  • Ballon flying
  • Various plays
  • Center activities
  • Gantry

In the vicinity: bicycle to be rented.

Other activities of the area:

To facilitate your reservation, here the plan of the camp-site.
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Camp-site At the day At the week
With 3 services $ 63.00 $ 418.00
With 2 services $ 58.00 $ 385.00
Water only $ 45.00 $ 299.00
Maximum 2 adults and children per site.
$ 10,00 per anybody additional
Motels At the day At the week
One bed $ 110.00 $ 728.00
Two beds $ 130.00 $ 861.00
Taxes included in the prices
$ 10,00 per anybody additional
Between 6 and 10ans: $ 6,00
6 years and less: free
No refunding on cancellation of reservations.
Credit card accepted.